Virtual Busking

As part of making the Virtual Fringe Festival a reality, we would like to introduce a facility for people to be virtual street performers.

We haven’t yet worked out how to do this, but feel it highly likely that we will have something ready by the 14th August when the festival kicks off.

Our vision of virtual busking, as distinct from a virtual show, is that

  • Each showing of the performance will only be announced a few minutes or tens of minutes before starting
  • The performance will be unticketed
  • The performance will be pay as you will
  • The performance will be structured so people can join at any time
  • The performance could be shorter or longer than normal

If you would like to be notified on a no obligation basis when we have something available, please enter contact details in our database. NB: to help reduce spam, you will need to enter the password Virtaculous2020 to gain access to the page